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The Internet of thing's bridge

Remotely connect to any device without exposing open ports to hackers. Works over mobile networks, mobile hot-spots and other environments where network access management is typically not possible. Software only solution that works anywhere there is a TCP/IP stack.

I will explain how you can access your OPENWRT from anywhere and how you can do your preferred 802.11/802.3 module be visible from anywhere in the world using the OPENWRT. The module choose to explains the OPENWRT use was the ESP8266.


Normally, when you use the ESP8266 as web server, tests are done using the LAN network. When you want to test from the WAN, you normally have to config your router (NAT/FIREWALL) to accept outside access. If you are familiar with your router, this is not a problem, but imagine dozens of other routers models where you need to know each one or need to know the NET access rights? Maybe it will be headache for you. 

What do i need ?

Well, i need a solution where i can add dozens of ESP8266 in my enviroment (LAN) and give access to all of them (web server) in anywhere of world without have to know anything about router config (NAT/FIREWALL) .I want too that dozens of ESP8266 can be accessed from WAN, using WEB, IOS and can share them for anyone.

The solution 

To solve these need, here some steps:
  1. create a INTERNET CLOUD account on;
  2. purchase one OPENWRT module (Starter Kit);
  3. enable the OPENWRT to access the Internet;
  4. install a special software on OPENWRT to enable it to register on;
  5. make your ESP8266 connect to OPENWRT;
  6. make your ESP8266 a web server;
  7. setup the OPENWRT proxy to access the ESP8266 ip/port.
  8. access the ESP8266 webpage from
  9. access the ESP8266 webpage from IOS app
  10. Share your ESP8266
  11. Help
Create a INTERNET CLOUD account on Remot3

Enter in and enter you login and password. 

Purchase one OPENWRT (Module)

Enable the OPENWRT to access the Internet

The OPENWRT is very easy to use, there is a friendly user interface. Config it to access the INTERNET,
i suggest to config your router as repeater.
The OPENWRT ip is

Install a special software on OPENWRT  to enable it to register on

Connect your PC to the OPENWRT and use the Putty utility, open a terminal to access the OPENWRT (SSH), port

type your root login/password  (root/goodlife) (factory password)

goto  root directory
tar -xvzf  connectd-MediaTek.tgz
cd /usr/bin

after install
execute vi /etc/rc.local and add the following line

@reboot /usr/bin/connectd_start_all
save it and reboot

Follow the instructions

More details in

Insert the name to show in the portal, i choose web_ssh

choose 1 and then 2

Give a name to the service (web80)

Repeat the process to ssh, i gave the name ssh22

Now choose 5 

now reset the OPENWRT or type reboot
now OPENWRT will connect to

In webpage you will see this

click on web_ssh

and the webpage of OPENWRT will open

In the remot3 portal, now click no ssh22

Use putty

And you will access the OPENWRT ssh 

Accessing the OPENWRT webpage from mobile

You should download the Remot3 on app store or google play

But if you want to connect to the ESP8266's 8080 port ( web server) fro anywhere, then please, follow the steps.

Make your ESP8266 connect to OPENWRT

Config your ESP8266 to connect to OPENWRT and make it static ip, for example,
Config your ESP8266 to be a web server in some port, for example 8080.

(HelloServer.ino example of Arduino)

See the instructions to install it and change the settings to 8080 and static ip to

Run it

Open it on web

Setup the OPENWRT proxy to access the ESP8266 ip/port

Follow the instructions

More details in

Choose 1 (login) and then choose 2 (lan services)


Choose 6 (Custom TCP) and Port 8080

wait to registering and give a name to service (esp8266)

Good, service esp8266 registered

Accessing the ESP8266 webpage from

Enter in the insert you login and password and select the device "esp8266". 

You will get a proxy link

Copy and past to your browser!
After this, will show the ESP8266 web server for you.



If you have some questions about , don´t hesite to take a message for us.

Thank you!

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